Sustainable fashion: Are you being greenwashed?

Greenwashing: the ‘eco-friendly’ marketing ploy deceiving customers, lining the pockets of fashion companies, and destroying the environment. H&M can tell you all about it. What does sustainable fashion actually mean? Crucially, it refers to the entire production of a product, including the people who create it, the materials used, and its lifespan. Sustainable fashion is therefore concerned with the environmental, social and economic impact of a garment.

GlennSamm Fumes at Ghanaian Fashion Designers

GlennSamm Fumes at Ghanaian Fashion Designers For Not Effectively Collaborating With Models. Clearly, the impotence of the fashion industry has compelled efficacious multiple award-winning Ghanaian model GlennSamm better known as Samuel Glenn Semakor to register his displeasure about the current state of the fashion industry in an Instagram post.