Documentary photography is a genre aimed at capturing reality through images. In this medium, photographers tell stories and objectively document events, people, and places. Join us while we explore the importance of documentary photography, its origin, key figures from the 19th and 20th centuries, and the challenges and opportunities in the digital world.

Inclusive Veganism: Addressing Socioeconomic and Cultural Barriers

Veganism is a philosophy and way of living that seeks to exclude, as much and as practicable as possible, all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. It also promotes developing and using animal-free alternatives to benefit animals, humans, and the environment. 

 Mindful Parenthood: Navigating Parеnthood with Gracе and Mеntal Rеsiliеncе 

Stеpping into parеnthood is akin to еmbarking on an еxhilarating yеt dеmanding еxpеdition. Whilе thе journеy is fillеd with lovе and dеlightful discovеriеs; it also brings forth a sеt of novеl challеngеs that could bе mеntally taxing. 

The One Where We Lost A Friend: Goodbye, Matthew Perry

As the year comes to an end, we remember those we have lost. One of the perhaps most sudden and shocking deaths of a star this year was Matthew Perry’s. So sudden that some of us found ourselves crying in front of the TV that Sunday morning, and it felt so deeply personal as if we had lost an old friend.

The Russian Government Has Forbidden Love

An investigative journalism piece written under the pseudonym Fiona Markova. From oppressive government measures to societal prejudices, the queer community in Russia battles not just for visibility but for the fundamental human rights that many take for granted. Through intimate interviews and first-hand accounts, this piece strives to humanise the struggles faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in Russia, shedding light on the resilience and courage it takes to assert one’s identity in a society that often seeks to erase it.

Parthenon paradox: the unresolved dispute shaking Greek-British relations

In a tale intertwining art, politics, and history, the cancelled meeting becomes a focal point reigniting the Elgin Marbles controversy. The Elgin Marbles, also known as the Parthenon Sculptures, are a collection of classical Greek marble sculptures removed from the Parthenon in Athens by Thomas Bruce, the 7th Earl of Elgin, in the early 19th century. These marvellous works of art have been displayed in the British Museum for over 200 years. However, Greece has long demanded their return, arguing ...

Javier Milei’s Presidency: Assessing the Risks to Minority Rights and ...

The rise of far-right libertarian Javier Milei in Argentina signals a potentially turbulent future for minority rights and the Argentine working class. The election of the radical right-wing economist Javier Milei as president of Argentina has sent shockwaves through the nation [1]. Milei, a self-described anarcho-capitalist, has promised drastic changes to tackle Argentina’s economic crisis [2]. However, his policies could have severe implications for minority rights and the country’s working class.

Empowering women globally: Queen Elizabeth II’s enduring legacy

Queen Elizabeth II’s reign marked a transformative era for women’s empowerment. Discover how her leadership paved the way for gender equality, leaving an indelible impact on women worldwide and encouraging a new generation of trailblazers.

Navigating the controversial waters of friends: unpacking episodes that stirred ...

Explore the tumultuous legacy of Friends as we delve into episodes criticized for transphobia, homophobia, and violence. Discover how evolving perspectives and open dialogue reshape our understanding, allowing new generations to engage critically with the series.

The evolution of domestic workers: from history to empowerment

In examining the historical narrative of domestic work, it becomes evident that the role of housemaids, housekeepers, and domestic workers has undergone significant transformations over time. From an often-overlooked segment of the workforce to a domain where empowerment and recognition are gaining ground, the journey has been both intricate and impactful.