Jazz is a musical genre that originated in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has its roots in African and European music, as well as in the popular music of the time, such as blues and ragtime. Jazz is characterised by the use of improvisation, polyrhythm, syncopation, complex harmony, and a variety of instruments and styles. Join us in exploring the evolution of jazz, from its origins to contemporary currents, and its impact on ...

Exploring the Significance and Impact of White Riot in the ...

Art has long been a powerful vehicle for social and political commentary, transcending boundaries and challenging the status quo. In the context of the United Kingdom, a particularly significant moment in the country’s artistic landscape was the emergence of the punk rock band The Clash and their iconic song, “White Riot.” Released in 1977, during political unrest and racial tensions, “White Riot” became a rallying cry for the punk movement and a symbol of rebellion against systemic racism. Rock&Art delves ...

Spending 4 Nights at Harry’s House with His Fans 

Harry Styles, the 29-year-old Worcestershire native, returned to London’s Wembley Stadium for four sold-out shows for his tour Love on Tour. I would describe each of the nights as magical and rife with pure adrenaline, but his fans are indeed the stars of the show. From supporting him during his One Direction era to his solo career, his fans have hands-down been crucial to his success. More importantly, seeing Styles’ fans (also known as Harries) elucidates how fan culture is ...

Napalm Death: A Four-Decade Journey of Music and Activism in ...

In the world of heavy metal and punk rock, few bands have made as much of an impact as Napalm Death. Founded in the early 1980s, the band’s unique blend of brutal music and socially conscious lyrics was a breath of fresh air in a scene often criticised for its lack of political engagement. 
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Queer Coding In 2010s Hits: Invisibility Era

Discrimination and prejudice regarding the LGBT+ community have always existed and still do today. Throughout the years, there have been achievements by pioneers and leaders of the movement. Being gay carries a stigma and is even considered taboo by some. There are many hate crimes and discrimination worldwide. Linguistically, ‘gay’ was considered a dirty word. Some people even wrongly assumed it is a mental or pathological disease.

Rita Lee: She was never a good example, but she ...

Over the past weeks, many papers worldwide have reported Rita Lee’s death. Countless headlines refer to her as ‘Brazil’s Queen of Rock’, ‘Tropicalia Pioneer’, or ‘Os Mutantes Founder’. None of them is a lie, but she was more. Her legacy extends beyond 40 discographies. Behind a successful woman, there is a tribe of others who hold her back. Rita Lee’s musicality was influenced by her own mother, who played piano. This became a hobby, where Rita Lee had classes with ...

When Punk Got Heavier and Metal Got Faster: The Evolution ...

The music world has been revolutionised by two genres of music – punk rock and heavy metal – and their impact is undeniable. In the 1970s, punk music gained immense popularity for its political relevance and stance against the establishment, whereas heavy metal was defined by its aggressive and loud sound. 

One Night Only in London with FLO

FLO, The 20-something-year-old group is composed of Reneé Downer, Stella Quaresma and Jorja Douglas, who have been deemed as the “ultra-hyped new girl band” by The Guardian, producing what is described as “dreamy music” by Dazed Digital with their music producer MNEK. Whilst that is true, there is more to them; I believe they are the future of Black women’s empowerment.

Jack White:  An American in London

Third Man Records and Jack White Concert Reviews:  29 June 2022 There are three simple truths about Jack White:  he rocks just as hard in the UK as he does in the U.S., he’s a marketing genius, and his stores are proverbial rabbit holes of to-be-coveted merch, music history, and a staff of truly delightful people.