Ennio: Giuseppe Tornatore’s tribute to a genius of our time

Innovative. Enigmatic. Genius. The significant exception to all rules.  The documentary by Giuseppe Tornatore throws us into the profoundly entertaining, exhausting and magical life of the Italian composer Ennio Morricone. Born in 1928, Morricone wrote over 500 scores for films and television, from Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West, Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso to Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, for which he won an Oscar in 2016. 

Don’t click on this link! – Five creepypastas to freak ...

I believe it is fair to say I have become somewhat of an in-house horror nerd of this publication. It is not rare that every other week, you will find my name attached to some sort of article talking about the twisted indie welsh language release or a good old jump scare-packed TV show. I have a lot of fun going through that type of content, it is my equivalent of going on a roller coaster ride (I am terrified ...

Five Horror Female Directors for you to check it out!

Are you a horror fan who is tired of looking for new things to watch and getting the same old list? Again and again and again. Before anyone comes at me to say how dare I speak ill of the greats, I want to preface here: I am not doing that. I still appreciate and have so much fun watching Halloween (1978) or Insidious (2010). However, from time to time, I feel the thirst for something different, a new perspective. ...

Drama and betrayal – Don’t worry darling Review

A film wrapped in drama, revenge and complicated relationships. No, I am not talking about the behind-the-scenes chaos that was the production of Don’t worry darling. For the past couple of weeks, especially with the massive publicity that comes with events such as the 2022 Venice Film Festival, Twitter could not get enough from all the alleged drama surrounding the production of Olivia Wilde’s second directorial endeavour.

Tornatore and Truffaut – Nostalgia in European Film within Film

The nostalgia and importance of life are so well reflected through cinema, and the impassioned film endeavours of the Europeans powerfully echo the beauty and pathos of everyday living and community. The colourful tasting menu that Italian and French films offer and resemble holds cinematic versatility, a career in cinema for those who wish to soulfully express themselves. Thus, for a movie to be about movies themselves is a dreamy cultural comment on the human condition. François Truffaut’s and Giuseppe Tornatore’s ...

Festivals versus Access All Areas

Access All Areas Should Mean Access All Areas, so Why do Some Issues Remain? Well, as an avid music and festival fan, this year saw the return of the infamous Glastonbury Festival. Utterly fearless and amazing quite frankly. However, there was a story that I saw in a paper which had me asking the question; how accessible is it to everyone?

Will The Feast satisfy you? – The Feast (2021) Review

It’s a bright and beautiful day. Blue skies and birds are singing amongst the trees and a pumpjack is drilling the earth for its sweet, sweet petroleum. That is how The Feast (2021), a Welsh language horror film directed by debutant Lee Haven Jones, opens.

Top 5 Neil Gaiman Adaptations Preceding the New Sandman Release

Neil Gaiman has arguably been one the greatest names in fantasy literature for some decades now. A master of creating highly visual and atmospheric worlds that capture our imagination, Gaiman has always enjoyed the process of adapting his work to film or television.

Top 10 Greatest Scream Queens in Horror’s History

The horror genre gets a bad reputation for not welcoming women or just straight up hating them. As a horror fan, I must admit that this can sometimes be the case. However, the genre is also a hub of iconic female characters.

The Effect of Women Response: Our Bodies, Our Sex—Agnès Varda’s ...

The United Nations General Assembly declared 1975 as International Women’s Year. That was considered a milestone back then, as it not only acknowledged women’s issues but also made them a central part of the Organization’s agenda. This decision implied accepting inequalities between men and women, as well as a need to solve them. Agnès Varda portrays the historical journey of French women in this short film.