Festivals versus Access All Areas

Access All Areas Should Mean Access All Areas, so Why do Some Issues Remain? Well, as an avid music and festival fan, this year saw the return of the infamous Glastonbury Festival. Utterly fearless and amazing quite frankly. However, there was a story that I saw in a paper which had me asking the question; how accessible is it to everyone?

Meltdown: The Festival of Ideas

Built in the 1950s as a mixed-use arts venue, London’s Southbank Centre is a classy joint, best known for its dignified relationship with classical music, international-standard theatre, and blockbuster art exhibitions.  It’s not that the centre has a fusty reputation – it is, after all Europe’s largest arts centre – it’s just not a place that’s immediately associated with the noise and clamour of contemporary music. Once a year, though, all that’s thrown firmly out of the window as the ...