Amit Lahav, Gecko and ‘The Wedding’

“In 2015, when I started exploring initial feelings for a new Gecko show, I was drawn to a growing sense of powerlessness, the feeling that my power as a citizen was fragile and weakening. The most fundamental elements of our social contract were changing, even one’s human rights became the subject of discussion and alteration.”  

Interview | Mark Jansen from Epica

Almost 20 years after their very first show in Tilburg, Netherlands, Epica will come back for a unique concert to celebrate their anniversary in great style. Back at the venue in which they made their debut as a symphonic metal band in 2002, acting as a support band for Anathema at Poppodium 013, fans can expect a great night with the band and will have the possibility to watch Sahara Dust playing once again. Maybe the support band is different ...

DEFEAT: straight from Finland

A couple of weeks ago, Finnish metal trio band DEFEAT took some time off to talk to Rock & Art about their forthcoming EP, how the pandemic has affected their future plans and live shows, as well as what the future holds for the band.