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Emily Brontë, feminism in the Victorian age

Women’s history in the domain of the arts and science, as well as in other domains, has been invisibilized since ancient times. The field of writing has also been a battle arena dominated by men.  Emily Brontë emerged, alongside her sisters, as one of the pillars of Victorian writing. The expansion of the feminist movement has been responsible for giving just recognition to many female figures that history and the patriarchy had tried to erase.
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Clarice Lispector: The Brazilian Writer Who Challenged Established Structures

To understand Clarice Lispector is to take a leap; like every great leap, it is scary yet liberating. Her work, complicated and strange, left its fingerprints on Latin American Literature and today more than ever seems to signpost a path. Lispector rebelled against the structures that absolutize or arrest feelings. 
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Network, be awkward!

When you are a filmmaker your world is shaped by a peculiar set of circumstances. The very nature of the job is one of instability, projects that come and go, a calendar that will burn you out within a few days of intense work, then leave you with nothing at all and a sense that you will never get a job again and you might as well give up on the dream.

Meltdown: The Festival of Ideas

Built in the 1950s as a mixed-use arts venue, London’s Southbank Centre is a classy joint, best known for its dignified relationship with classical music, international-standard theatre, and blockbuster art exhibitions.  It’s not that the centre has a fusty reputation – it is, after all Europe’s largest arts centre – it’s just not a place that’s immediately associated with the noise and clamour of contemporary music. Once a year, though, all that’s thrown firmly out of the window as the ...

Veganism and Extreme Metal

It would seem that speaking of veganism and extreme metal in the same sentence goes against common sense especially if we seek to make a direct association between veganism and extreme metal. 

Rosa Parks and the Bus Seat that Changed Everything

Rosa Parks is regarded as one of the most influential black figures in all of Black History due to how she was able to start the civil rights movement by simply refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama.


In order to start talking about the origins of March 8, International Working Women’s Day, we must historically address, on its own, the women’s movement and how they were involved in the class struggle. They aimed to achieve their emancipation and equal rights for all, as well as putting an end to their subjugation on all fronts.
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Originally by Nuala Szler; Translated by Mercedes Pajuelo “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” That’s the opening line to Jane Austen’s most famous novel, Pride and Prejudice, first published on January 28th, 1813. 
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Simone de Beauvoir and a brief overview of her life ...

by Nuala Szler, translated by David Crowe “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman” declared Simone de Beauvoir during the tumultuous 20th Century and couldn’t be heard. This is because Beauvoir asserted that femininity should not consider itself developed merely due to biology or organs, rather it should consider itself a social construction. Time has concluded that these were and are the fundamentals of the feminist struggle throughout the world. 

Victories and Validation: A year on from the legalisation of ...

Translation by David Crowe *This research was supported by a grant from Internews Health Journalism Network Law number 27,610; access to the voluntary termination of pregnancy (la Interrupción Voluntaria del Embarazo, IVE) was sanctioned by the National Congress of Argentina one year ago on the 30th December. According to the Argentinian National Ministry of Health, there have now been 32,758 pregnant women who, between 30th December 2020 and the 30th November 2021, have had safe and free legal abortions through ...