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Netflix’s Sandman: A dream of inclusion and equity come true

Neil Gaiman, the acclaimed writer of books like “American Gods,” “Stardust,” and the co-writer of “Good Omens,” is known widely for his legendary comic series: “Sandman.” Although Gaiman’s books and stories have been adapted to television, cinema, and theatre, none of them was as highly anticipated as “Sandman .”Netflix released Sandman’s first season at the beginning of August. This literary adaptation has sparked the usual debate: how loyal are the series to the comics? In this case, the changes make ...
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Margaret Atwood and Laura Bates on Men Who Eat Women

I was instantly intrigued by the title of Margaret Atwood’s first published novel. “Edible” looms threateningly over “woman” like a predator sizing up its prey. ‘The Edible Woman’ in question is Marian MacAlphin, a young woman who works a normal market research job in 1960s Toronto and is engaged to the similarly normal Peter Wollander. As Marian surrenders to the soul-destroying regularity of her conventional social role, she descends into an identity crisis and becomes unable to eat.
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Comfort and fuzziness for the jaded queer hearts: the gay ...

*This article contains spoilers* After its timely release during the romantic atmosphere of early spring and the preface to Pride Month, Heartstopper has continued to garner attention. It wouldn’t have been surprising if even your small local bookshop put on front display editions of the graphic novel that the TV series is based on. Utterly queer, written by a woman, and thoroughly British, the TV show has managed to capture the allure and innocence of high school crushes as well ...
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Why Revisiting Myths and Legends with a Feminist Perspective is ...

As a boy, I remember being amazed by tales of Robin Hood but there weren’t nearly as many heroic women. The Amazons, to me, remained a distant concept, interesting warriors who were somehow relegated to the background in favour of men like Achilles. A Thousand Ships by Natalie Haynes shows how a legendary tale can be revisited with a feminist perspective to develop the character of women affected by war or marked by a legend who beforehand remained merely two-dimensional. 
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Bridgerton: an alternate universe of Regency-era London where racism never ...

Bridgerton is one of the most popular Netflix shows, with its second season, which premiered last month on the streaming platform, having broken the record for most-viewed English-language show in a week on Netflix. The show, which takes place in Regency-era London, depicts London’s high society, known as the ton, during the social season, when debutantes are presented at court, also known as the Queen Charlotte’s Ball, in order for the aristocratic and upper-class young women to be introduced to ...
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The day I chatted with a (possible) sex offender

It all starts with an innocuous “Hey”. The person on the other side of the screen is unknown and probably not who they say they are in their bio. The pictures on their chatroom profile are some kind of anime character or a generic icon. Names like “Dddy4UA” and “PdoLuvsFem” pop up in my DMs and I wonder, “What the actual…?” I realise I didn’t specify my age and that supposedly means only one thing.
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BDSM and abuse: Where is the line and who controls ...

His name was Lars. A typical Swedish name and a typical Swedish man in his 40s. He had a soft manner of speech and peppered his English with old Swedish phrases I never understood. He was an artist and his paintings were electric. I was mesmerised whenever I looked at his work. The first time he touched the small of my back, handing me a glass of wine, I knew.  Dominance and submission (D/S) is a part of BDSM that ...
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Euphoria’s depiction of teen sexuality frames sexual abuse as sexual ...

Euphoria is one of the most popular television shows at the moment, with its second season having recently wrapped up airing its episodes. The American drama show is about a group of teenagers, dealing with a wide range of issues, such as drug addiction, and exploring their sexualities.
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Excavating transphobia: In conversation with Jules Gleeson

Transphobia continues to rise in the UK, permeating marginal groups to mainstream media outlets like the BBC, who have published asinine and outright inaccurate commentary that endangers trans people. Juliana Gleeson tells us that what was once considered a hard-line anti-trans position is now relatively acceptable in some circles. However, Gleeson points out the fact this hasn’t hindered the growing acceptance of trans people in wider society. 
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Is rape culture a growing issue within our music scene?

With covid restrictions easing and lockdown becoming a memory of the past, our music scene has been expanding rapidly with a reopening of live music events. Unfortunately, reports of inappropriate contact and advances from strangers have risen since festivals, gigs and nightclubs have been given the green light to safely reopen. This growing issue requires our immediate attention in order to raise awareness and stay safe.