Why is everyone so obsessed with Squid Game?

(Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for the Netflix show Squid Game)
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The Importance of Representation; and How Sex Education Nails It

(This post contains minor spoilers for season 3 of the Netflix show Sex Education) Content warning: mentions of sexual assault, gender identity and sexuality.

Why you need to hear Halsey’s ‘If I can’t have ...

Halsey is an artist who’s been on the scene since 2014, and has consistently produced successful music the entire time. From her debut pop enthused album Badlands, to her deeply personal 2019 release, titled Manic. The singer has consistently charted, and has a dedicated fan base behind them.
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Gays The Word: London’s Safe Space For Queer Bookworms

Recently, I went on a trip to London, and amongst the many tourist spots I had planned, there was one location I knew I wanted to visit. As a queer girl obsessed with books, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit London’s LGBTQ+ bookstore Gays The Word. And so, on a cloudy Wednesday morning, I dragged my mum onto the tube with only one destination in mind.
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The favouritism of male streamers: Why are women left in ...

Twitch is a streaming website and app established in 2011, and bought by Amazon in 2014. The application is highly successful, with an average of 15 million people tuning in each day to watch livestreams on their website. In recent years, this success has only grown larger. The amount of average viewers in February 2021 was more than double when compared to January 2019. This is beneficial to Twitch and Amazon, but maybe even more beneficial to the actual streamers ...
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When does creativity stop being fun?

As a creative, the world can sometimes feel like a blank canvas. You can do anything, make anything, be anything. And this is incredibly exciting, until it isn’t anymore. This is when creativity stops being fun. When the motivation leaves. But why? Why does something so many people love to do become so detrimental?
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A Queer Reading Corner: Some of the Best LGBTQ+ Centric ...

‘Booktok’. This is a word you may have heard before, especially if you’re equal parts avid social media user and avid reader, like me. This label belongs to a community of young people who gather on the app TikTok to discuss all things literature. The short videos made by these creators showcase book recommendations, storyline discourse, and reviews a-plenty.