The Effect of Women Response: Our Bodies, Our Sex—Agnès Varda’s ...

The United Nations General Assembly declared 1975 as International Women’s Year. That was considered a milestone back then, as it not only acknowledged women’s issues but also made them a central part of the Organization’s agenda. This decision implied accepting inequalities between men and women, as well as a need to solve them. Agnès Varda portrays the historical journey of French women in this short film. 

The Dreamers: cinema as a role model

It’s February in 1968 and a social revolt is brewing – a movement that will lead in May 68 is organizing itself. In this context, Henri Langlois, founder, and director of the Cinémathèque Française – the place that had as its aim the preservation, collection and screening of world film heritage, is removed from his post upon request by the French Ministry of Finance. This event outrages tons of young cinema lovers, and also many well-known directors such as Robert ...
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Lucia Berlin: the charm of the ordinary

Lucia Berlin was an American writer born in Juneau, the capital city of the state of Alaska, on November 12th, 1936. Her life was very unique, and, sometimes, complicated. She lived in many places, including El Paso, Santiago de Chile, Albuquerque, New York, and Mexico City, among others.
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bell hooks: A Voice for Afro-American Feminism

In 1952 Gloria Jean Watkins, the feminist writer best known as ‘bell hooks’, was born in Hopkinsville, a segregated town in the state of Kentucky. 
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Love relationships that don’t comply with society’s hegemonic standards have been censored and harassed for ages and as a result, these relationships are concealed from the public for fear of rejection or repudiation. It’s not easy to suppress feelings, thus the traces of the attachment start to appear on the margins of everyday life, in the gaps between what’s expected. Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West are an example of this. For them, a dinner party or a social gathering were ...