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Two Women were kicked out of Wetherspoons for wearing ‘inappropriate’ clothes

When Mollie Wood and her friend went to their local Wetherspoons pub, the last thing they expected was to be kicked out. The Back of Beyond Wetherspoons pub in Reading stated that both women were wearing ‘inappropriate’ clothing. As a result of the recent heatwave in the UK, the two women wore halter crop tops and high waisted skirts, and were permitted entry by a female bouncer.

Once both women entered, had their ID checked and entered the drinking area, they were then stopped by a male manager. This manager stated their outfits were too ‘inappropriate’. The manager continued and compared the two women’s outfits to shirtless men.

Mollie Wood took to Tiktok to explain her experiences in a video:


women“Why with women with bigger boobs are we sexualised to the extent where it’s compared to men who don’t wear tops”

Mollie continued by commenting that they were allowed in previously, not during the hot weather, wearing the same tops. Mollie concluded with the statement, “I am so infuriated by Wetherspoons”.

As a result of Mollie’s Tiktok video, many Tiktok users took to Instagram to express their views:

One user who works at a Wetherspoons commented that she was unaware of any dress code that Wetherspoons had.

Another user commented: “Wetherspoons facilitates the patriarchy”.

One user mentioned they had a similar experience last year and Wetherspoons had “let boys on uni socials come in topless”.

Another user commented: “this has made me so angry because I guarantee a girl with an A cup would defo not be treated the same and it’s not right !!!”

One user stated: “A bit rich to criticize people’s dress sense when they literally microwave everything”.

Some Tiktok users did not support these two women and made various comments on Mollie’s video:

One user commented: “maybe red light district is better for you?” Mollie replied to this comment with: “wow ur internalized misogyny is showing”

Another user commented: “talk about 1st world problems…”. Mollie responded to this comment with: “let’s talk about how women are still over-sexualised and not treated as equal even in 2021”.

Both users who did not support Mollie, identify as male.

It is clear from Mollie and her friend’s experience that women are unfairly over-sexualised. Combined with the testaments from other female Tiktok users with a similar experience, it is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed.

It seems ridiculous and sexist that men are allowed into Wetherspoons shirtless but yet when women are still clothed they aren’t. The fact that the manager who stopped these two women was male clearly highlights Wetherspoons’ sexist behaviour. As stated, the bouncer who let the two women in was female, and surely if there was a problem this bouncer would have stopped them from entering.

See Mollie’s tiktok video, where she explains her experiences – her username is: @Mollie_wood