Why the Cassette Should Return

The vinyl record has made its successful return, why shouldn’t the cassette 

For many music lovers out there, especially ones above a certain age and by that I mean those old enough to remember the Vinyl, how else do you listen to your music? It’s a simple question to ask really. I mean there’s Spotify, Apple, iTunes and the infamous streaming services. Reason I ask, simple: I openly admit that I am still listening to mine on CD

To those of you out there who are not too sure you know what a CD is, here’s a quick crash course in what it is; it is a silver shiny circular disc with a tiny hole in the centre. Music is stored onto this little object electronically and then we put it into machines like CD players, Hi-fi’s and car radio systems and played them so we could listen to and enjoy music.

Why can’t the Cassette make a comeback?

Well, with CD sales remaining steady and Vinyl making a successful comeback then why can’t the Cassette make a comeback? What are the reasons? Can anyone think of one as to why not?

Yes, I know you had to deal with the whole agro of having to press the rewind button for a couple of minutes to go back to the beginning of a song that we liked and wanted to listen to again. And of course there was the other side of it when we had to do the reverse and press the fast forward button if we either wanted to skip a song or two, or more. But wasn’t that the whole point?


I mean, yes, we all kept on pressing buttons every couple or a few minutes or so wanting to listen to our ‘select’ chosen tune. And that we would get a little fed up frequently having to stop to see if we had faster fast-forwarded enough to our next one cussing whilst wishing for an easier, less time consuming way. But wasn’t that the whole point? I was no stranger to that and just guilty but when I reached my chosen song it was all worth it. Just sitting back and enjoying the songs from the personal cassette player or player.

During our family holidays to Wales one of the top things I did whenever I had nothing better to do was to listen to my tapes and lie-back whilst enjoying my music. Completely in my element and loving every minute of it. Nothing but beautiful memories of music, and all down to a tape and personal stereo.

On the other side of this there was the business industry aspect of things; a single copy of a cassette purchased was a profit made for the shop selling it; a single sale went towards keeping an artist or band in the charts.

Also, they made a nice present for someone either for birthdays or Christmas

Over the years I have had a good handful of cassette tapes during my early to preteens. Off the top of my head the tapes I got were of Bjork, Michael Jackson and I even had a couple of compilation ones as well. I openly admit that I had three audio story cassette tapes as well; one Jurassic Park and two Dr Who’s.

Yes, I did like my cassette tapes then and I still enjoy them now. To be honest I have never fallen out of love with them and probably never, ever will.