The Importance of Trash Boat’s ‘Don’t You Feel Amazing?’.

“The LGBTQ+ community should just be absorbed into the status quo”- Trash Boat Stated in conversation with NME.

Trash Boat

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Front man and singer Tobi Duncan has not been holding back on the importance of being open about your sexuality, as he talks about Trash Boat’s third LP ‘Don’t you Feel Amazing?’.

Coming in with this message in their first single, ‘He’s so good’, Duncan uses his signature lyrical and vocal talent to open the door for the conversations on the hardships of acceptance of LGBTQ+ members and their home life.

Although, stating he felt nothing but love from his own family, in recent podcast with The Downbeat. Duncan has seen the way people like him are treated and wants to spread a message of acceptance.

The song is a great example for how important this album is for people who feel isolated because of who they are.

Trash Boat: bringing big topics to the table

Especially when put next to Trash Boat’s pride related crewneck that helped raise money for The Albert Kennedy Trust

“why is it even a conversation? Let people put whatever they want in their mouth, man.”. Duncan stated in his discussion with Kerrang!, he continued, “Its just a fucking good punk rock song and it happens to be written by a bisexual guy.”.

Furthering, the taboo topics of the industry, and these feelings of acceptance, on later single, and title track, ‘Don’t you feel Amazing’.

As Tobi discusses his additions through the rose-tinted lenses of endorphins. These songs preach acceptance, and bleed the very nature of what punk rock is meant to be. While always sticking out from the crowd in their genre, this album takes a journey through what it means to make a defiant album.

Bringing big topics to the front page of Spotify. Bringing topics, that are not only is this a big album for the UK’s rock scene, but this is also a big album for anyone who feels isolated because of who they are.

Now more than ever their music has place to be the representation that alternative LGBTQ+ community needs. Trash Boat are giving a voice to those who don’t have the platform to do so. Working alongside Lil Nas X, Kevin Abstract, and so many important voices.

Performing their new line up of songs and creating big change at SlamDunk Festival this September.