Today I asked ten people ‘do you like you?’

The saddest thing one could only freely admit that they were happy with who they were and what they looked like.

The first told me she hated her nose, hoping one day she could have enough money to get a nose job.

The second told me he hated his teeth.

The third wanted to lose weight.

All but one could pick out a physical thing that created a foundation for not liking themselves.

It got me thinking, when did our beauty become defined by the size of our waist, the shape of our teeth and the colour of our skin?

beautyWhere has the beauty in brains gone?

Social media has made the world believe that perfection exists behind a heavily filtered and posed photo.

Dating has now become a simple right based on the face we see. Affection is sourced in likes. Connection is found in a DM.

The problem is none of this is real, none of this is built on authenticity. None of this is real.

The more our lives are intertwined with what people only wish you to see, the more we become detached from what life really is.

What the beauty is, real beauty.

When I asked these people when was the last time they went for a walk, listening to their surrounds in nature unplugged, only two said they had in the last six months.

When I asked these people when was the last time they spoke to someone on the phone, only one had in the last week.

When I asked these people what they desired most in life, seven said happiness.

When I asked these seven people what happiness felt like, four told me it had been so long they couldn’t remember.

You know something is wrong with this world when over half the majority aren’t happy or fulfilled in their lives

You know the world has become isolated when spending time in nature is a chore.

If you asked me what the biggest problem for our generation’s mental health is, I would simply tell you this.

We have lost the beauty in brains.

Photography courtesy of Simon Riddell of Mentalcollodion.