Spiritbox, empowering female metal.

The Canadian group, Spiritbox, have been making huge waves since the release of “Holy Roller” last year, which really showcased vocalist Courtney LaPlante’s breath-taking range.

Coming in hot with LaPlante’s screaming, the band has been met with overwhelming attention, growing bigger with every song.

With their new album, Eternal Blue, not long from being released, this band is showing that they have not been held back by the sexism which dominates the industry.

They are starting a conversation through the various channels of popular culture.

Spiritbox: Promoting ideals through their music

Their singles “Circle with Me”, “Constance”, and “Secret Garden”, show that Spiritbox are standing alongside other incredible female fronted bands, such as Employed to Serve and Nightwish.

The band certainly doesn’t hold back, as they head out to playing Reading and Leeds Festival in the next few weeks.

Breaking the male bias of metal through the heavy riffs and brutal screams of Spiritbox’s divisive take on modern rock.

But the industry is not the only thing The band sees as a problem with regards to diversity. The audiences of metal have always been incredibly dominated by male presence.

Possibly due to metals categorisation as aggressive putting off the mainstream crowds, metal has been tarred by the brush of an incredibly limited demographic.

Although, with bands like Spiritbox bringing attention to these issues, we will hopefully see an improvement in concert crowds going forward as more diversity breaks through into rock and metal.

Men have been taught by society that they are superior to us”. LaPlante’s in conversation with Metal Hammer.

Through their fifth single for the album, ‘Hurt You’, the band showcases raw metal.

Written during a snowstorm, the song explores, what guitarist Mike stringer described to Loudwire as, “The subject matter of the song explores toxic codependency, and the feeling of knowing that something is doomed to fail“.

With a personal voice, ‘Eternal Blue’ is set to be a torch for a generation of people inspired by the words of Spirtbox. Perhaps, it is the feminine touch that metal needed.

Through Her Podcast


Courtney has been outspoken in her opinions on treatment within her experience.

Especially through her podcast, ‘Good for a Girl’- where she speaks to other high-flying females in the music world.

Speaking with Booka Nile of Make Them Suffer, Francesca Caldara label manager for UNFD, and Chaney Crabb of Entheos, among others.

Discussing how they rose to their heights despite the male domination of their field. Which is so important, during this current fight for equality, especially in recent news.

Which Courtney spoke out about in her written piece in Kerrang! magazine for last international women’s day. Answering, and asking, the questions that need to be asked of the music scene, the band finds themselves at the top of.

“If we don’t allow different voices into this genre and adapt to become modern, we will get left in the dust like we deserve”, said in conversation with Exclaim!.

As we approach the release of Eternal Blue, we can expect to hear an outcry of people who support the morals that Spiritbox carry on their shoulders.

With the world succumbing to the fear of recent news, a stand out female front person is exactly what we need.

The message of Spiritbox is one we can all get behind.