Hip Hop and the American dream

By reducing the culture of Hip Hop to money and sex, it is inevitable that its greatest powers will be lost in analysis. Basing the American Dream on the same two notions is bound to result in misinterpretation.

Why is everyone so obsessed with Squid Game?

(Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for the Netflix show Squid Game)

Will discounts for young people solve the low-vaccine uptake?

The UK government has announced that young people can now get Deliveroo discounts if they get their Covid-19 vaccine. Businesses including Deliveroo, Uber, Bolt and Pizza Pilgrims are offering discounted rides and meals to young people, if they get vaccinated this August.

All the Scandals of the 2020 Olympics Part 2

So, you’ve read part one, and want more?! Here’s part 2 of all the scandals that have happened at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics so far…

All the Scandals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Part 1

The long awaited and anticipated Olympics of 2020 is finally happening this summer in 2021. Whilst it’s evidently had to have changes due to COVID these list of events and scandals that have occurred, cannot be ignored and swept under the carpet, as most media outlets are doing.
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Podcasts as White Noises in Disguise

It’s admiration in disguise. To conduct a secret invitation for a voice instrumented by the vocal cords, secured by flesh and tight muscles of the human throat, utilize it on another human being while using his ears and whatever loops and spiral rooms it contains to make the words easier to slide down and separate, the ones on their way for the conscious mind while others are sneaking silently toward the unconsciousness part of the mind, which is the most ...

Two Women were kicked out of Wetherspoons for wearing ‘inappropriate’ ...

When Mollie Wood and her friend went to their local Wetherspoons pub, the last thing they expected was to be kicked out. The Back of Beyond Wetherspoons pub in Reading stated that both women were wearing ‘inappropriate’ clothing. As a result of the recent heatwave in the UK, the two women wore halter crop tops and high waisted skirts, and were permitted entry by a female bouncer.

Love Island’s lack of body diversity

Love Island returned to the UK’s screens on 28th June, and once again, unsurprisingly, there is a significant lack of body diversity. The same body shapes and ideals of beauty are being shown, night after night, and it has consequences. This latest season promised that it would have “the most diverse line-up yet” but from what’s appearing on our screens, it certainly can’t be classed as diverse.

US-Based Ghanaian Surgeon Dr Obeng Named International Man of The ...

Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, philanthropist, and Founder of R.E.S.T.O.R.E Worldwide Inc. Foundation, Dr. Michael K Obeng has been bestowed upon by the Hollywood & African Prestigious Awards (HAPAwards). The Hollywood & African Prestigious Awards are United States of America awards honored to outstanding individuals whose lives have been marked by extraordinary milestones and accomplishments.

Inside review: a masterpiece of the online condition and the ...

In Bo Burnham’s aptly titled comedy special ‘Inside’, its title can mean multiple things. In a literal sense, it is a portrait of an artist being locked inside a room due to the coronavirus pandemic. The special itself was filmed over the course of this incredibly unusual year in a single room by Burnham himself.