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Podcasts as White Noises in Disguise


It’s admiration in disguise. To conduct a secret invitation for a voice instrumented by the vocal cords, secured by flesh and tight muscles of the human throat, utilize it on another human being while using his ears and whatever loops and spiral rooms it contains to make the words easier to slide down and separate, the ones on their way for the conscious mind while others are sneaking silently toward the unconsciousness part of the mind, which is the most powerful fragment of the human brain that got scientist, psychologists, spiritual believers and maybe math teachers to argue about.

Inside the inner ear, just like the dead room of a radio station that allows those people to sit with their microphones at the darkest corner of their room or by the shiniest spot by the table placed at their window and just use them to record those private thoughts, newly learned facts and friendly-shared opinions and convert it into a compressed audio file that goes through sessions of editing and re-editing in order to come up with what we call a podcast.

The majority of people prefer to listen to podcasts on their way to work, while making a meal or just with a notepad beside them, noting down everything that got their attention. You know, the kind of routine that involves listening to podcasts during perfectly ordinary times that ticks from day till night, from dusk till dawn.

But what about the other kind of people that are too wide awake, that have been an insomniac for a long time that they are not able to establish the difference between labeling insomnia as a curse or a blessing, curable or not curable.

What about those people with a constant need and unavoidable clinginess toward any object, any intangible distraction that they must be around in order to stay away from the chaotic distractions coming from within themselves, up there, in their mind, and by their imaginative id that is obsessed with worst-case-scenarios.

Podcasts as White Noises in Disguise | Rock & ArtThose people who might have tried therapy and mediating, or to be more specific about what kind we are approaching is those who are like cats with cat-ish behavior, fooled by any alienated object that produces a color for them to hunt and follow.

White noise is the concept I will be using. The kind of people who tried first the hypnotic, relaxing music and alpha waves to flourish the healing and ease the tension and anxiety through keys and beats.

The kind of people who discovered later tinnitus therapy and had became addicted to the sound of severe ringing, similar to the sound made by an old television when the channel is having technical difficulties.

The kind of people who after they got bored from listening and experimenting, end up either giving up or just move on to the next experimental therapy that might help them to subside those voices that swarms around them once a pillow and a blanket are nearby them to confirm their arrival to the bedroom.

The kind of people who saw podcasts as the new innovation to seek if they just wanted a white noise to interfere with the silent background of their room or to interrupt the magnified voices in their head.

They just stared at their phone, looked for an interesting subject, and slid the phone between the sheets of their bed, listening to it vibrating while talking to them like a talkative lover and just wait for it as it continues its one-side conversation until this conversation is a faraway mumble playing its original role in the background producing eventually the white noise.

Podcasts are anything but white noise. But to those people, it is a form of therapeutic art given to them to access and feel free to let it play all night until the sun has risen without a pause or a hint of annoyance.

It’s another blank space filled on the page listing the benefits of podcasts but invisibly started to let it be a praised secret among those who require podcasts not for education nor entertainment but as a friend and a lover, a partner with a purpose to aid and carefully help.

Although the front office of the mind had shut down at night the back office is still a running factor that doesn’t take a break. It listens and grasps everything floating in the surroundings of its own boss. It listens, susceptible by the long distanced talker and it just keeps on stocking up on some more archives without the permission of the sleeping human.


podcastA podcaster might think once reading this that they have been victimized and taken advantage of after delivering hours of work only to be used like this but no. Let me assure you that nothing has gone unheard, no hard work was spilled meaninglessly and no subject was ignored.

Many podcast has helped hundreds – if not more – people go through the night with slight ease from distress, many podcasts were appreciated more while being used in the middle of the night and so many people felt grateful and calmer when they hit the play button and focused on the voice coming from their devices instead of the voices coming from their head.

It’s admiration in disguise. People having trouble drifting to sleep at night, feeling lucky enough once they found a soothing voice of another person regardless of their age and gender, that doesn’t wait for them to forcibly breathe in, breathe out and just treat them like normal people and actually share with them what’s on their mind, what’s the newest restaurant they have been to and what kind of film and song they recommend.