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Love is Blind: Is love blind or is the audience completely sightless?

Love is Blind is a huge success on Netflix. However, the affirmation in the show’s name is at stake in what they call a social experiment. Making people fall in love through walls was the idea producers had to answer what humans have been seeking for centuries: is love truly blind?

Now, not only does this question remain, but a new one comes up: is the Love is Blind experiment real? How could it be called blind if everyone else observes each step the contestants take through the screen?

Love is Blind, the Brazilian experience

The Brazilian edition is the one with the most recent season on air. It was released in June. Since then, we’ve seen male contestants howling after having sex with their partners, a spoiled woman mistreating her mom in front of the cameras, and a former wannabe politician instantly shown for what he is (a player) by the female participants.

The previous Brazilian season was released in December 2022 and made social media waves. The sweetest couple broke apart after Will decided to listen to his mom’s advice. Even though he agreed to say yes at the wedding, the young man surprised the guests by turning down his proposal. The beautiful Veronica was left speechless but emerged as an empowered woman who had been deceived.

The country girl Vanessa also struggled with her partner Thiago, who didn’t like her extroverted personality and was accused of being a player. During the reunion, we also found out that Flavia and Robert got divorced after he cheated on her.

But there was hope hanging on Thamara and Alisson. They had the cutest “yes” at the altar. Since their dates in the pods, he was in love with her. Alisson even argued with friends who sensed that she was being played. They had a happily ever after the finale and were enthusiastic at the reunion.

In the last few weeks, however, rumours that Alisson had cheated on Thamara dropped like a bomb. Instagram was filled with pictures of him having an intimate moment with an unknown woman at a hot dog point. Thamara showed up on Instagram and asked for privacy because she needed to understand the situation and focus on resolving her marriage issues. Some days later, she confirmed the divorce.

Love is Blind

What emerged at the time were comments on gossip accounts. Contestants from another season in Brazil implied that the show was purely staged. Fernanda Terra, who was in the first season and married a man who turned out to be sexist, was also cheated on. After getting divorced, she met someone who proposed to her first but received a clear rejection. They got together and now have a baby. Seeing the repercussions of Thamara’s situation, she commented, “I wonder how real these marriages were.

Whether Love is Blind is real or not, only the participants can tell. Let’s wait and see if there’s more evidence in the show’s upcoming seasons being a complete setup. Yes or no, watching people say “I love you” to walls is worth following this TV success. Maybe, the audience wants to keep sightless after all.