Lizzo returns to music with ‘Rumors’ and we can’t wait for the new era

It’s been two years without any new Lizzo music, since her Grammy-winning album Cuz I Love You, and it’s no surprise fans are voicing their excitement.

Lizzo: The return

Lizzo teased the news on 1st August on her Instagram, before officially sharing her latest single’s title combined with a radiant snap of her in an embellished corset, telling fans:

“New Era B***H. ‘RUMORS’. 8/13”

Mark your calendars everyone!

Given that Lizzo’s songs Truth Hurts, GOOD As Hell and Juice were incredibly successful, I have no doubt that Rumours will be equally successful, if not more.

Lizzo fans are evidently incredibly excited given by the countless number of emojis including hearts and fires, with numerous replies of ‘OMGGGG’ or ‘YASSSSS’.


Lizzo’s new look in her new picture (shot by Jora Frantzis) that released the latest single’s title, sparked a lot of comments and conversation with her follows. Plenty of followers were commenting on her statement earrings and bleached-out brows. Get quotes.

So what do we know so far about Rumours?

Lizzo’s Rumours is currently available to pre-save on Spotify, and you can pre-order on Apple Music. Other than this information, there’s a not a lot being said or mentioned. Things are obviously being kept quiet for a reason.

Lizzo has additionally hinted that the new single Rumours is the start of a ‘new era’ for her. Could this perhaps be a clue about her new album title?

Lizzo previously mentioned her plans in October 2020 for her next record during an interview. During this interview with Vogue, Lizzo stated that she was still working on individual songs as opposed to a full album.

Lizzo commented about her next big release:

“Oh, girl, I don’t know…I gotta finish the songs. It’s gonna be good, though. I’ll tell you that. It’s gonna be mother****ing good.”

I have no doubt at all Lizzo, no doubt at all.