good intentions

According to Anna Mantzaris, “Good Intentions is my Graduation Film from the Royal College of Art”.

In this small thriller about decision making and guilt, a young woman responsible for a car accident. She escapes the scene but can’t stop thinking, or imagining, what happened to the other driver. And soon strange things starts to happen…

The film premiered at BFI International Film Festival and has since then been shown in over 130 Festivals.

Review from British Film Institute:

Good Intentions shows what happens when guilt takes over our lives, hinders judgment and paralyses actions. While the director chooses to focus on an extreme situation, a hit and run, the feeling of overpowering guilt, irrational behaviour and that uncontrollable suspicion that everyone around knows about our mischievous deeds will be familiar to many of us.

With her signature style of mixing humour and horror, Mantzaris teases out the idea that facing the ugliest truth can be a much better way out than descending into agonizing thoughts and obsessions.


Best Animated Film, Sehsüchte Festival, 2019
Jury Award, London International Animation Festival, 2019
Best Student Film, Anifilm, 2019
Best Hellenic Creator Award, Animasyros International Animation Festival, 2019
Storytelling Award, Thessaloniki Animation Festival, 2019
Bahega Hafez Award for Best Director, Aswan International Women Film Festival, 2019
Silver Brick, Animax Skopje Fest, 2019
Special Distinction Award, Cine court animé, 2019
Special Mention, Indie Street Film Festival, 2019
Honorable Mention, Florida Animation Festival, 2019