A couple of weeks ago, Finnish metal trio band DEFEAT took some time off to talk to Rock & Art about their forthcoming EP, how the pandemic has affected their future plans and live shows, as well as what the future holds for the band.

Defeat, not just a band from Finland.

When it comes to characterising DEFEAT, it is best to stick to their own definition. The band have branded themselves as an energetic trio with a unique sound, having started their journey back in 2015 and found their contemporary line-up in 2017. Their music is a perfect mixture of punk and hard rock with a hint of metal, plus an extra touch of old-school guitar riffs.
“The idea behind the band is simple: kick-ass songs, sweaty live shows and good spirit floating around both the band and their audience. Always”. – Jens
Their most recent EP, Broken World (released at the beginning of July 2021), features three phenomenally loud rock tracks that truly speak for themselves. No additional comments needed.

Rock & Art: What can you tell me about DEFEAT? If you have to describe the band’s sound, what would you say about it?

DEFEAT: DEFEAT is a three-man power machine from Finland who appreciate a good old rock’n’roll attitude in both music and life. We love playing for a live audience and maybe have a beer or two after the show. We don’t politicize or preach about this or that; we believe in free thinking and respecting each other. “Don’t be an asshole and don’t hurt anybody in any way” – those are pretty much our guiding values. The first mentioned isn’t always that easy to apply, but we try our best.

About the sound – somebody once described our music as “hard rocking punk metal” and we agree with that. We feel that our music pretty much consists of those elements, although the relation might vary from song to song, we want to live in a world where loud guitars and live music still rule.

R&A: What are your main influences or bands that shaped your music?

D: We all listen to a broad variety of different music. That includes everything from classical music to death metal – as long as it’s good music!

Although Jens does pretty much all of the composition process, we all bring our own touch when arranging the songs. There are a couple of songs in which you can mostly hear the influence of 80’s and 90’s punk rock since that’s what Jens has been digging in throughout his life.

R&A: During the pandemic year, some bands organised live streaming shows. Was DEFEAT one of those bands who managed to adapt themselves to this kind of “new normality”?

D: It’s been a weird year and a half, let’s start by saying that. COVID hit the fan pretty much just as we were about to fly to Latvia to play a couple of shows there. That sucked pretty hard but people’s safety and health are on the top of DEFEAT’s priority list. In the genres our music could be categorized, there isn’t a huge audience waiting for new bands to appear, at least in Finland.

We need to get physical and try to win the audience on our side – person by person and gig by gig. Somehow we failed to see this happening by streaming and kind of missed that train. If this situation continues we think you will see DEFEAT organizing a live streaming gig!

R&A: Any plans for live shows in the near future?

D: We hope to get those shows happening which have been postponed for too long now. At least, we want to get to play to our friends in Latvia and hope to play as many sweaty gigs in Finland as we can during fall and 2022.

R&A: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

D: First of all, thank you for listening to DEFEAT – what an excellent choice of music! Stay strong, stay healthy – nothing can DEFEAT us!

DEFEAT are: 

Jens: vocals & guitars

Leewi: Bass

Mikko: drums

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