«Feed the Ghosted» (2020): the chaos of information


Shapes, lights, and flashlights come together on Feed the Ghosted to create an hypnotic visual metaphor of the information consumption on the internet.

The informative chaos turns into a psychodelic torrent of persistent and changing shapes where the most relevant characters are also part of.

informationAccording to the Pia Graf, the main character is an everyday superhero thrown in a chaotic virtual world. All this nightmare along with the bright design and sounds composed by Mamiko Motto are a perfect match that illustrates the main purpose of this stop motion film.

Flying fluorescent sparks and large morphing creatures work their way into the frame to visualize this “showered with masses of news and digital trash.” It’s somewhat stressful yet smoothly hypnotic at times, but then again, what kind of information overload isn’t? And for that reason, the animator chose to create something somewhere between “psychedelic wild trip and a nightmarish situation.”

With creative freedom at the heart of this project, Feed the Ghosted is testament to how sound and image can come together in harmony while being separate creative entities in their own right. Not only that, it’s an immersive insight into a psychedelic world and an exploration into the corporality effected through media consumption. “How is identity formation changing in the digitized world?” questions Pia, “Can we distinguish between what is true and fake?” Well, now you can dive into these topics for yourself by watching Feed the Ghosted.