billie eilish

Billie Eilish blew up the internet

Following the release of her new song “Your Power,” featured ahead of the release of her second album in the summer, the 19-year-old was revealed as the star of the June 2021 issue of British Vogue.

The post surpassed 1 million likes in just six minutes, breaking a record that she herself had set earlier this year. This makes it Billie Eilishthe most liked cover in the magazine’s history, a record previously held by Ariana Grande, who starred in the July 2018 issue.

Eilish is the youngest winner of the Grammy for Album of the Year (an award previously held by Taylor Swift) and for directing a Bond theme (“No Time To Die”, written for Daniel Craig’s last concert in 007), and is the first artist born in the 21st century to have an American number one.

Their debut is the eighth most-streamed album on Spotify. More durably, its mysterious, broken sound reconfigured pop.

“I’m not putting on that f**king wig one more time!” Eilish whoops as she appears on Zoom in late February, her face surrounded by a shaggy butterscotch halo. (When she officially unveils her hair on Instagram a few weeks later, the photo becomes the fastest post to reach a million likes: six minutes. Within two days, it’s the third most-liked post ever.) Hiding at a friend’s house in Los Angeles, she can be free.