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Excavating transphobia: In conversation with Jules Gleeson

Transphobia continues to rise in the UK, permeating marginal groups to mainstream media outlets like the BBC, who have published asinine and outright inaccurate commentary that endangers trans people. Juliana Gleeson tells us that what was once considered a hard-line anti-trans position is now relatively acceptable in some circles. However, Gleeson points out the fact this hasn’t hindered the growing acceptance of trans people in wider society. 
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London: Many would disagree

Many would disagree that London falls short of being an aesthetically pleasing city. It reproduces what can only be described as repetitive advertisement. It is evident that East London for instance, has a style of its own, juxtaposing it from the other boroughs. However, one must admit that London’s gentrified and impoverished segments look identical to those on the other side of the city. Beyond minor differences, Londoners mostly chance upon kitsch whenever they feel the urge to stroll or ...
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“Objective” subjectivity in the age of identity

I wouldn’t know where to begin, just like my identity – contrived and without origination. Almost like our thoughts, it seems as if they just appear out of nowhere, yet they do not. Like the frames and thoughts that inundate our minds, identity does have its origins and systems that reproduce it, change and reform it.