Mental Health

​​The fragile line between representing and shaming mental illnesses – ...

Hollywood has a long history of misrepresenting those with mental health conditions. These representations are usually portrayals of people with mental illness as violent and dangerous, which contribute to harmful stereotypes about mental illness. However, some recent attempts at showing the reality of mental illness have been successful despite the varied experience person-to-person.
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The day I chatted with a (possible) sex offender

It all starts with an innocuous “Hey”. The person on the other side of the screen is unknown and probably not who they say they are in their bio. The pictures on their chatroom profile are some kind of anime character or a generic icon. Names like “Dddy4UA” and “PdoLuvsFem” pop up in my DMs and I wonder, “What the actual…?” I realise I didn’t specify my age and that supposedly means only one thing.
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BDSM and abuse: Where is the line and who controls ...

His name was Lars. A typical Swedish name and a typical Swedish man in his 40s. He had a soft manner of speech and peppered his English with old Swedish phrases I never understood. He was an artist and his paintings were electric. I was mesmerised whenever I looked at his work. The first time he touched the small of my back, handing me a glass of wine, I knew.  Dominance and submission (D/S) is a part of BDSM that ...

TikTok creates a hostile space for black creators

I’ve been on Tiktok for less than a year and in this short period, I have seen how the algorithm works – and doesn’t work – for creators who are using the platform for education, activism, and social awareness. Being a brown woman, I already started on the back foot. According to Tiktok, addressing critical race theory is now a bannable offense. But let’s go a further back.