Giulietta Degli Spiriti’s Dream-Like, Female-Led Costume Design

The colourful, high-fashion costuming certainly replicates the whimsical, surreal journey of Fellini’s ‘Juliet of the Spirits. Iconic Italian director Federico Fellini’s 1965 film, Giulietta Degli Spiriti, or ‘Juliet Of The Spirits’, expresses the grandeur of its story through an expert couture style. Each dazzling costume featured in the movie was designed by the Oscar-winning designer Piero Gherardi. Throughout the film, spring-like, truly flowery costumes are seen, almost as a means to make women seem like a part of nature. To ...
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Ukrainian Women and their Representations: Beyond Stereotypes

On 24 February 2022, the West had no choice but to finally consider Ukraine as more than a ‘pawn in a geopolitical game being played by Russia’, according to Dr Olesya Khromeychuk. The Global North woke up shocked by the full-scale Russian invasion alongside its justifications and the brutality of the military campaign.

Relevancy in European Cinema — ‘The Beaches of Agnès´Review

Her philosophy has her remain elegantly original, and we as an audience can feel her genuine adoration for cinema. Revolutionary director Agnès Varda has a history of being a powerful force in the world of cinema, leaving a mark not only on the French New-Wave movement but internationally. You have heard the name, but if you do not know the woman, then Varda’s directed documentary on her career is somewhere to start. The emotional flow of the theatrical film reels, ...

Life, death, and scary stories: The Midnight Club (2022) review

In the first week of October, my laptop went completely dark. I couldn’t get past that first black screen in the login process. This got me really upset. How dare my computer shut down in October, in the spooky season, the time for us goth kids to revel in all the horror related content that would never get this amount of hype any other time of the year? How would I share with my fellow weirdos my first review of ...