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Emily Brontë, feminism in the Victorian age

Women’s history in the domain of the arts and science, as well as in other domains, has been invisibilized since ancient times. The field of writing has also been a battle arena dominated by men.  Emily Brontë emerged, alongside her sisters, as one of the pillars of Victorian writing. The expansion of the feminist movement has been responsible for giving just recognition to many female figures that history and the patriarchy had tried to erase.

Nina Simone: An Incendiary Voice

Nina Simone wasn’t merely one of the best singers and pianists of Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, and Soul from the 20th Century. From the stage, she also gave a voice to the fight against racism and for the civil rights of the Afro-Americans. Maybe this led to her entering into history as the “High Priestess of Soul”. 19 years after her death, why remember Nina Simone?