Gaspar Noé: Cinema as hallucinogen

While born in Buenos Aires in 1963, Gaspar Noé spent his childhood flying from Buenos Aires to New York, and finally to Paris. His father is Luis Felipe Noé, a renowned plastic artist famous for his neo-expressionist, neo-figurative, and post-informalist work. He was a member of the dissolved group “Nueva figuración Argentina” and an inspiration for Gaspar’s work and creations.
Critical EyePride Month

Judith Butler and the Deconstruction of Gender

What image comes to mind when we verbalise the concept of gender? Judith Butler (2007) destroys, in her famous work “Gender in Dispute”, the argument that delegitimises dissidence and minorities; referring to sexual practices and constructed identities.  Is the dissolution of binaries so monstrous and terrible? Is it impossible to contemplate?

Catherine Abel: Woman and Eroticism in Contemporary Art

Catherine Abel was born in Australia in 1966 and started her artistic career when she moved to Paris in the year 2000. Her work was influenced by the historic art in Europe, with references like Pablo Picasso, George Braque, Salvador Dali, André Lhote, and Tamara Lempicka being the most notable.