Representations of the Body: From Antiquity to Instagram

There is an online subculture dedicated to videos of children seeing their own reflection for the first time. Far more accessible, but no less engaging than the scientific studies involved in this momentous part of the human development: the videos feature crawling toddlers reaching out towards the glass, smiling at who they see, or leaning in to embrace. Sad, then, that this relationship with our reflection sours.
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The Freedom of Four Walls and Beyond

The recipe is simple. Start with a floor, a ceiling, and four walls. Add decks, a DJ, and a sound system. Then, open the doors and let the pilgrims flow. Garnish as necessary. This mixture of space, sound, and soul has the potency to outlive the night, the power to influence life not only on the weekend, and the potential to change society for the better, for good. Let´s join us in this journey to discover the freedom behind four ...

Hip Hop and the American dream

By reducing the culture of Hip Hop to money and sex, it is inevitable that its greatest powers will be lost in analysis. Basing the American Dream on the same two notions is bound to result in misinterpretation.