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Margaret Atwood and Laura Bates on Men Who Eat Women

I was instantly intrigued by the title of Margaret Atwood’s first published novel. “Edible” looms threateningly over “woman” like a predator sizing up its prey. ‘The Edible Woman’ in question is Marian MacAlphin, a young woman who works a normal market research job in 1960s Toronto and is engaged to the similarly normal Peter Wollander. As Marian surrenders to the soul-destroying regularity of her conventional social role, she descends into an identity crisis and becomes unable to eat.

Serial Killers: Society’s Strange Addiction

TW: Murder, physical and sexual abuse  Serial killers have attained celebrity status in society. Dropping the name of a well-known killer in a news headline is a sure-fire way to generate clicks. In a study by Wiest (2019), it was found that many news articles include the names of serial killers irrelevant to the murders being reported. This is either as a means of comparison or simply for their notoriety.

A vision of late summer reflection and contemplation: Solar Power ...

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, a young singer-songwriter known as Lorde, released her third album Solar Power on the 20th of August 2021. Renowned for her unorthodox musical style, her unique performances and her lyricism, Lorde strayed away from her usual synth-pop and alternative/indie style with this more stripped-down, indie-folk, and psychedelic sounding body of work.

DaBaby goes on a homophobic and misogynistic rant

Recording artist DaBaby has been dropped from multiple upcoming festival line-ups after making insensitive and disrespectful comments during his performance at the final day of Rolling Loud.

Solar Power: Lorde Resumes Her Rule

What can Lorde’s new single tell us about her upcoming album?  After four years, Lorde, aka Ella O’Connor, is back on the music scene with her summery single ‘Solar Power’, ahead of her upcoming album of the same name.