Tornatore and Truffaut – Nostalgia in European Film within Film

The nostalgia and importance of life are so well reflected through cinema, and the impassioned film endeavours of the Europeans powerfully echo the beauty and pathos of everyday living and community. The colourful tasting menu that Italian and French films offer and resemble holds cinematic versatility, a career in cinema for those who wish to soulfully express themselves. Thus, for a movie to be about movies themselves is a dreamy cultural comment on the human condition. François Truffaut’s and Giuseppe Tornatore’s ...

Female filmmakers: the importance and history of women in film

As female filmmakers continue to be disregarded in events like the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, it almost seems as though they are their own genre. However, this should not be the case. If we are on the pathway to equality, female filmmakers should not be a spectacle of bravery. French director Celine Sciamma, like many female directors, too often is asked the question: “What is it like being a woman in filmmaking?”