Festivals versus Access All Areas

Access All Areas Should Mean Access All Areas, so Why do Some Issues Remain? Well, as an avid music and festival fan, this year saw the return of the infamous Glastonbury Festival. Utterly fearless and amazing quite frankly. However, there was a story that I saw in a paper which had me asking the question; how accessible is it to everyone?

Why Remakes Can Actually be Better When it Comes to ...

Now, what do Carrie, The Witches, West Side Story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the upcoming Firestarter all have in common? They are just a number of films that have been remade even though the original versions were both iconic and popular.

CODA: And the Winner Is… Next Stop, Hollywood

Coda Has Been Made with Film Starring a Disability-Led Cast Now it may not be a big deal for a lot of people but for others it certainly is, as of 28th February 2022, Troy Kotsur became the first deaf actor to win not one but two awards at Screen Actors Guild Award. This has led to further hope of winning an Oscar. 

Online Streaming vs The Record Labels

Whilst Online Streaming Services Grows in Strength the Record Labels Could Learn a Thing or Two. What is it Lauren-Spencer Smith, Pink Pantheress, and Rapper Dave all have in common? Well, for a start they are all musicians who have so far managed to carve a successful career in the music industry, and they are pretty much in control of their own music, image, and brand. Pink Pantheress even won the BBC Sound Poll of 2022. 

Why the Cassette Should Return

The vinyl record has made its successful return, why shouldn’t the cassette