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Adele: Sad Girl Autumn is here

Autumn is here and Adele is officially back. After dropping the single ‘Easy on Me’ on 15th October, her long awaited comeback is well and truly underway, with her song soaring to number 1 almost straight away across the music charts.

The song comes from a highly anticipated album titled ‘30’ which has promised to be the most emotional yet; Adele has hinted that it will address her inner turmoil and vulnerability after going through several big life changes since she was last featured across radio stations. If this song is anything to go by, it’s certain there’s going to be a lot of emotions come this November. 

As you would expect from Adele, the song is a masterclass of vocals. In a style different to some of her other works, the sadness evoked from this song presents itself as a desperation to be understood; Adele has said in interviews that she is using this album as a way to ‘explain to her son’ all which has happened. She articulated that she wants him to be able to listen to this album later in life and have a sense of understanding about all that his mother endured and went through. 

The song itself, though sad and longing, expresses a kind of hope – which is something really reflected through the ‘Easy on Me‘ music video, too. Adele explained in interviews that this is the first song she wrote for her upcoming album, and as such, is really the beginning of the journey she went on.

Adele: Sad Girl Autumn is here | Rock & Art

The music video portrays a story of a woman leaving her family home for the final time after it had been sold, shortly before driving away into the countryside. There is a real sense of freedom throughout the music video; Adele is letting go and encouraging listeners to hear her as her true self. 

Even before the album has been released, Adele is already shattering records with this comeback. The release of ‘Easy on Me‘ broke Spotify’s record for most global streams in 24 hours – amassing some 85 million streams. Not surprisingly for the global singer, she also broke records on radio, as the power-ballad was the most added song in history after being immediately uploaded to online playlists across the world.

Previously with ‘Hello’, Adele spent 10 straight weeks at number 1 so it is anyone’s guess just how long this song will dominate the charts. With the whole album dropping in a matter of weeks, we are already predicting that this will be the album of the year at all the awards shows.

Adele 30

Adele’s new album ’30’ will be released 19th November 2021.